Monday, September 29, 2008

Rainy Sundays are followed by.......

Sick Mondays?

My happy camping monkey is now camped out on the sofa in a different way. He went to school today and before noon had two visits to the school nurse because he said his ear hurt. The second time his temp was over 100, and he was crying because it hurt. So I called his doc, and picked him up.

His appointment isn't until 2:45 and right now, my kid that never stops...NEVER naps is sacked out asleep on the sofa. No, I'm not the mom who usually documents her sick kid via photos...but he looks so sweet sleeping there with his hands under his head I couldn't resist. Sweet but feeling yucky. Poor bubs :(

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rainy sundays

What to do on a rainy Sunday while Mom is trying to get some housework and laundry done? How bout some living room camping!?!

A few kitchen chairs, blanket and a sheet transform our living room into a tent in the wilderness. What do you pack for a living room camping trip. Well...let's see..AJ ran around the house collecting some huggable companions, musical instruments, a couple of books, various other toys, a flash light, a hat, his sleeping bag, and a heavy jacket in case of cool weather.

I'm a little afraid to see everything that is in there now. For a long while he kept coming out for "one more thing".

Now he wants to go camping for real. Boy will he be surprised when we do. For that camping there will be no brownies cooking away in the oven as he camps, no soft carpet to lay on, no endless supply of toys to just get "one more" of.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Did you know?

That the tinman was once a real man?

I had never read "The Wizard of Oz". I've only seen the movie. I happen to have a copy of the book, and I started reading it to AJ the other night. We do one chapter a night. So far he likes it.
Last night we got to chapter 5 where Dorothy and Scarecrow meet the tin man. It has been a while since I've seen the movie, but I don't recall them relaying the story of exactly how the tin man became the tin man, and lost his heart. The movie is quite different from the book (as usually happens), but I really think I would remember this! As I was reading it I just kept thinking, "what am I reading to my son?!? He's gonna have nightmares!"

In Chapter 5 the tin man tells Dorothy and Scarecrow his story(my paraphrasing):

The tin man was born the son of a woodsman. He also became a woodsman, and when his father died, he lived with his mother and took care of her until she died. At that time he decided that he should marry and have a family. He found this pretty little (goes without saying I suppose) munchkin chick that he liked, and they fell in love. She said she would marry him when he was able to provide a home for them( ::::cough:::::gold digger!!!:::::cough::::). Unfortunately, she lived with a grumpy old lady who didn't want the pretty munchkin chick to marry the woodsman. So, the old lady went to the wicked witch of the East and asked her help in stopping the marriage.

One day the tin man was out chopping wood. When his axe came down, it cut off his leg! Surely, that was the end of his plans to marry, as he couldn't be a woodsman with only one leg. He loved the munchkin chick so much that he went to the tinsmith and had a leg made.
This pissed off the wicked witch of the East. So, when the tin man went out to chop down more trees.....yup...he cut his other leg off. Back to the tinsmith for another leg. More cutting trees, and he cuts him arm off. So of course he gets a tin arm. Do you think he gets the hint? NO! He goes back and his other arm gets cut off, so a second tin arm is in his future. Now the witch is really pissed off. Next time ole tin limbs goes out to cut trees.......he cuts his friggin head off! Yep....he gets a tin head.

Still he is bent on being able to make a home for him and the munchkin chick that he loves so much. So, he goes about his woodcutting business. This time when the ax falls it cuts his torso right in half. That is how he lost his heart. He had a tin body made, but because he lost his heart, he no longer cared about marrying the pretty munchkin girl. He wants a heart from Oz so he can once again care about finding the girl he loved and marry her.

It's a toss up. Is the tinman's story one about the power of love...or about the excellent health care coverage the woodsman union must have?

So...did you know the tinman's gory story?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We have a date...

I almost titled this "I have a date", but that sounds like something totally different than what it is. Don't get me wrong...I'd like to say "I have a date!", but I'm beginning to think I am still thought of as "the widow lady" (my co-worker's wife refers to me as this). That is a story for another time.

Back to the subject at hand. "The Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom" blog is having a special October event called "Mrs. B.'s 31 Days of Halloween". The blog can be found at:

One of my items(that cute guy to your right), "Vlad the Vampire Candy Corn Dude" is one of the giveaways you can win. Vlad will be featured on Tuesday, October 7th.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm a stalker!

I ordered business cards from over the weekend. I checked the status last night and shipping info had been sent to UPS. My normal M.O. when I am waiting for something to arrive that is trackable, is for me to stalk my package. If I know the package is out for delivery I will obsessively check the tracking site to find out where it is...was it delivered? When is it supposed to be delivered? Is it getting closer? Just put a freaking GPS on it soI know my package's EXACT location at any possible moment!

Well, I am getting a little figety here are work because I didn't email myself my tracking info for my business cards so I haven't been able to stalk my order. I can't access my mail here at work. I tried the webmail version, then I remembered the logon was some random numbers that were assigned to me that I have no chance in Hades of remembering. I tried going to to access my order information. I first thought SCORE!! All I need to give them is my e-mail address associated with the order, and they will give me my order number. It doesn't QUITE work that way. When I submit my e-mail address e-mails the order information to the e-mail address associated with my order.....that I can't access here from my office ::::::::sigh::::::::::: The only good thing is they are being delivered to my office not my home, so at least I'm not sitting here hoping they will be there when I get home, only to be disappointed when I get there.

Since I can't stalk my cards I will just have to gaze at a picture of them:

This is a low resolution copy. Please ignore the dotted lines and the little colored boxes in the upper lefthand corner. When I was designing them online, I knowingly didn't put my etsy store URL, but now I am wondering if I did myself a disservice. If you go to my website I do have my etsy mini on there, and if I am including them in a package to a customer, they obviously know I'm on etsy. Perhaps for cards that are purely promotional (left on bulletin boards, handed out) I could do a sticker for the back with a promotional discount and include my etsy address. At least I would know if my cards were generating any business.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I feel so official!

I've been dabbling with business card designs and trying to make a uniform look for the graphics on my etsy banner, and my business cards. I kept thinking, "one day I'll buy so I can put that on my cards". That was a pretty silly idea, I'm going to spend all this time and money designing and printing business cards just so I can change them? So.......I got the domain this weekend.

Check it out!

Of course I had to get the site up right away, that's just me. But it will be a work in progress. Since I am working on a shoe string budget - believe me shoe strings don't buy much - I am trying to get myself out there as best I can on that shoe string. With the hopes that some day I can build and not be so shoe string.

I've seen many posts from people in the Etsy forums about "need to make money fast, I can't pay my bills" and the like. It gets me thinking......I want to build this into a successful business, but I want to do it smart and not overextend myself to the point that trying to get this business off the ground puts me in financial ruin. Successful in my mind does not mean I expect this to be a full-time job someday, and fully support us. Sure that would be nice, and I will work it as that as the goal. Success to me is making things I enjoy making, selling them to people who enjoy having what I make, and maybe making a little profit. Sure a lot of profit would be nice...again, that is how I will work it, but I can also be realistic about it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Front page!

I am so excited! My mini pumpkins were in a treasury that made the front page yesterday! I haven't really been promoting or finishing anything for new listings lately so no sales, but being on the front page was just as exciting as a sale! Ok....enough with the exclamation points.
I've heard so much about not putting all your eggs in one basket, but mine all there there in the Etsy basket. I would love to churn out some items, and list in other venues/craft fairs, but the things I am working on right now are taking some time. I am working on some felted bags, but the knitting portion takes me so much longer than it takes to make a needle felted piece. Plus I plan on lining them, and have no sewing machine so all that hand sewing will be quite laborious. Luckily I am pretty adept at handsewing. The holidays are coming and I'm trying to create some gift items/holiday themed items. Now if I can just stop spinning long enough to work on other things, or spin enough to make something from the yarn I've spun.
Long term thinking is what is needed now. It is too late for me to get into any craft fairs this fall. I've been thinking short term and just trying to do enough to stock my shop on etsy. What I need to do it really push and get out as much as a can, so when craft fairs come up next year I will be ready with stock.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

7 years ago....

The first thing I remember about that day was the sky. It was a remarkable shade of blue, so clear and crisp. It was shaping up to be an amazingly beautiful day, or so I thought. I had just dropped my husband(then fiance) off at his job at a framing store at the mall, and continued on my short drive to my office. As always I tuned the radio to 95.5 WPLJ in New York.

As I drove, they were talking about something that had just occurred in the city. Apparently, there was a terrible accident and a plane flew into one of the towers of the World Trade Center. They were speculating that it was probably a small private plane, and perhaps the pilot had some medical emergency which caused him/her to crash. They were trying to make sense of something that just didn't. I was anxious to get to the office so I could turn the TV on and we could see what was going on. As I pulled into my parking space I thought, "how does someone accidently fly a plane into the World Trade Center?". The gut reaction that immediately followed would turn out to be chillingly accurate. It was very simply "You don't".

When I got into the office my co-workers already had the TV on and I saw the scene they were describing on the radio. I thought of the people in that building. I wondered how they would get out, and the WTC bombing in 1993 kept entering my mind.

We all stood watching for a few minutes, and then we saw something. One of my co-workers said "hey that plane is a little close isn't it?". She barely got the words out as we watched in horror as the second plane plunged into the other tower of the World Trade Center. Any possible thoughts of an accident were gone. In that instant my thought of "you don't", rang in my head. I called my husband and told him what was going on. Then I called my parents who were on vacation, told my mother what had happened, and told her to turn on the TV.

Much of the rest of my time in the office that day is a blur. We were glued to the TV, and we watched in disbelief as the buildings burned. The news broke of the crash at the Pentagon, and of other hijacked planes. We cried out of fear of what would be next, and out of grief for people who's lives had been lost.

I'll never forget the sound that came over the TV after a while. At first I thought something else had been attacked. It took only seconds to realize the sound was one of the towers crumbling to the ground. It was non stop, the horror and grief just kept coming. After the first tower fell, we waited, knowing the other tower would meet the same fate. We hoped and prayed that people in the remaining tower could get out before it too collapsed. We watched the other tower fall, and heard of the crash of Flight 93.

A little before noon my boss told us to go home for the day. The mall my husband worked at was closing so I got him, and we tried to reach people we knew who lived in NY. We went home and watched the events of the day over and over, and cried for those lost.

Seven years later, and I can put myself back there like it was yesterday. Last night I was looking at pictures and videos of the attacks and aftermath, and cried like I did the day it happened. I cried for the people who were there, who lost their lives, and who lost loved ones. I cried for all of us who watched this horror unfold before our eyes. I cried for that "something" we all lost that day.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I was on vacation from my full-time job for the last week. The thought was I would be able to do lots of Etsy related work in that time. Well that was a joke. I got way less Etsying done. Less promoting, less sales. I'm ok with it though, it was a true vacation.

I finally bought a little utility shelf to organize all my crafty supplies, started projects, and finished items that are in my shop. Here is a pic of my little crafty corner. My yarn stash has gotten much smaller. I had a big plastic tote of acrylic yarns that I sold at a garage sale. Admittedly, I am somewhat of a yarn snob. I definitely prefer natural fibers, wool, cotton, soy, alpaca. I would really like to try some bamboo, and hemp yarn. I'm not completely opposed to working with acrylic, I just tend to only use it when it is blended with natural fibers. I was planning to start knitting some cold weather gear for my shop, but wanted use more interesting, "rustic" looking yarn (aka..expensive). I started thinking of a cost effective way to acheive the look I'm going for, yet be able to price the items in a reasonable range. Which brings me to my new obsession.................spinning.

Right now it is just drop spindle spinning. The thick and thin texture is just what I was looking for, I also really like knitting with single ply yarns. I call this colorway cinnamon twist. I'm running out of the "cinnamon", hopefully I'll have enough yarn to make something.

Of course now that I have the spinning bug, I really want a wheel....just so happens my folks have this one I am hoping to be able to put into action.

As far as pricing goes, I understand that time spent spinning should be factored into the price. I have a hard time with labor costs. I do factor a little in, but, I honestly enjoy the process of spinning, knitting, felting, etc. It occupies my hands and keeps me out of trouble..LOL. As a result I don't really put much of an hourly wage factor in with my work.

I guess as of today I am back from my Esty vacation. I've updated my blog and several of my other networking sites. Now to get back to creating.