Tuesday, June 2, 2009

day 5

I know. I haven't posted. I got a lovely summer cold and feel crappy. Which is not making me feel any better about my hair. It's hot, it's humid, I'm sweaty, with a stuffy red sore chapped nose, coughing. I feel completely gross and just want to feel better. Right now all I want to do is jump in the shower and scrub what I perceive as every speck of grime off. So of course that means I just want to put some bubbly lathery shampoo in my hair.

Well...after my little rant I just went and washed my face with some cool water and lemongrass soap and feel a smidgey better. Let's see - day 5. Today was a BS wash/WV rinse. Today was the first day doing the BS/WV that my hair felt oiley once it dried. Surprisingly it wasn't oiley around my roots/hairline where I thought it would be/where it would normally get oiley. This was in the back of my head. Maybe I didn't get enoug BS wash in that area to get rid of the oil. Maybe I'm doing the BS washes too frequently and making the detox worse. After I got hotter and sweatier through the day I put my hair up in a ponytail. Perhaps I need to spread the BS washes out. I'll start going to every two days now. So that means tomorrow, and thursday will be WO(and probably ponytail days!). I'm getting ready to break out the cornstarch. Though leaving the house with my hair still wet makes that a bit difficult. I may have to break down and shower at night to try out cornstarch in the AM.

I promised pics so here they are:Day 1


Day 5

Day 5

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