Sunday, November 30, 2008

I can't believe it

I posted a while back about entering Momdot's "Christmas of Dreams" giveaway. I read all the other entries for the contest and they brought tears to my eyes because everyone was so deserving. I couldn't even begin to fathom how the admins were going to decide who's entry to pick as the winner.

Well, they officially named the winner(s) today. I was the grand prize winner!!!!!!! For the past two days I knew there was a good possibility that I would win. The admins had emailed me asking IF I won (which they weren't saying I had or not), would I be willing to give the baby items back and given to others who entered the contest who needed those. I thought that was a great idea, as I had intended to donate them, but had no one in particular in mind.

I'm still shocked that I won. I have a million things to do here before heading to my neighbor's house for dinner, but I am glued to this computer. I keep checking...thinking I read it wrong, thinking maybe I am dreaming again and I'll wake up and it won't be me. (yes I have been dreaming about it over the last two nights). I'm so grateful to everyone at Momdot!

Thanks also to Kim @ The Little Black Box for posting about the giveaway on the Black Box Review blog.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Some new things

I've listed a couple new things this week, and have more that just need finishing touches to list. I'm hoping to get that done this week so I can participate in next week's SNS sale. Wait...I can't do next weeks SNS, I'm not going to be home. Ok...well maybe black friday weekend's SNS sale. That's ok...more time to get some things listed.

Per my post last week about doing more needle felted items, I'd like to introduce you to Kola!
Kola is a cute little guy who always has a friendly wave and a big toothy grin for you. I'm not sure where he is from, but I'm relatively sure he is not from this planet. Aside from being hot pink and having curly hair, he seems to bear a slight resemblance to ET. Much like the movie character he resembles, one night he went and drank too much beer. That's how he ended up with a smiley face tattoo on his right butt cheek.

Kola needs someone to look after him, to keep him from making any more rash drunken night tattoo decisions (a well thought out tattoo would be fine), and just an all around good friend!

Kola is needle felted from 100% wool. He measures about 5 inches high and 5 inches wide.

Kola is not recommended for small children as the wool could be a choking hazard (that and his penchant for beer).

Click here for more pictures of Kola (including the butt tattoo!).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear son:

No, I did not know there were hearts on the toilet paper.

No, that is not why I bought it. I didn't know the hearts were on there until now.

No I did not put them on there.

Really, I didn't put them on there. I did not come home and emboss the toilet paper with hearts. They were that way when I bought them.

No, I did not know there were hearts on there when I bought the toilet paper.

Yes, it has hearts on it because we love each other.

No I did not put them on there for that reason, I did not put them there at all.

No I did not buy the toilet paper with hearts on it because we love each other. I bought it because it is made from recycled paper and it was cheaper than the Seventh Generation TP.


Please....please stop...we have the same conversation every time you use the bathroom. It has surpassed cute and amusing and is now starting to grate on my nerves.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

I love you (but that is still not the reason I bought toilet paper with hearts on it)


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas of Dreams Giveaway!. A Must see!

Momdot is doing a wonderful Christmas of Dreams giveaway this month. The drawing will be on November 28th. Here is the information about this giveaway from their site:

"On November 28th, MomDot will be pulling ONE winner to win prizes from all of these amazing sponsors to help you celebrate a Christmas of Dreams at your house this year. You must have your entries in no later then the evening of Nov 26th. This is NOT the blog party, this is completely different (we have a big month!)

There are a few requirements:
1) You MUST be a blogger. I have made this requirement because this year we are celebrating the blogger. Our site is about the blogging community and this is our way of rewarding one lucky blogger with a huge win. If you are not a blogger, your entry will not be considered. Go make a free blog if you have to to enter!

2) You must post about the Christmas of Dreams on your blog and include all the sponsor links (to give back and toss linky love to all the wonderful prizes that are being generously donated), while also linking back to momdot. Just cut and paste our list to make it easy.

Additionally, we want you to pick out your top 5 favorite sponsors and let us know your favorite things on their site. This ensures that you check out all the great stuff they have to offer, we always have to give back to the sponsors! And you may find something you really like for your christmas shopping!

3) Please carry a momdot banner or link on your blogroll

Sponsors are (and subject to be adding more as the month goes on):

The Shrunks
Soda Club
Kadi Prescott
Uncommonly Cute
Lollipop Book Club
Silly Monkeez
LA Plates
Natitys Design
Little Black Box
Kidz Sunglasses
jaC Jewelry
Huddy Buddy
Lets Go Strolling
Sassy Baby
Baby Legs
Organic Blankees
Shi Shu Style
Georgie Tees

After that, we simply want you to answer this one question in OUR comments." many great sponsors. My top five items are:

Dyson - Dyson Ball
Little Black Box - woohoo...I'm always up for a Little Black Box!
jaC Jewelry - I love the "Sparkly Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Earrings" -
Leap Frog - I think AJ would love the Tag Reading System
Organic Blankees - The couch blanket. A great looking snuggle blanket for a cold winters night!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Black Friday Bonanza!

The Little Black Box is hosting a Black Friday Bonanza from November 28 - 30th. Here is some info from their blog:

"During our special event the participants are offering sales such as 50% off or free shipping or even buy one get one! Many are having special contests and door prizes. It's going to be a blast and every single sale is a door buster type sale! Believe me when I say that you won't be able to resist this sale. "
Be sure to check it out. I know I will be. I'd rather be home drinking my coffee checking out some good sales than to be out fighting the crowds, and standing in long lines!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jekyll and Hyde

I worked like a mad person knitting and crocheting things for my shops. I listed them and was a bit dismayed to find they don't have many views. It suddenly dawned on me that it is my needle felting that gets the views and sells. I have sold eight items between my Etsy and shops. Six of those eight were needle felted items.

Needle felting is my whimsy. Sometimes I start a project with one thing in mind, and it becomes something completely different. There are times when I just pull out some wool and start felting and see where I go. My whimsy sells better than my practical, probably because that is when I am most creative. I guess it shows.

However, many times when I start creating something, the practical tries to overpower the creative side. For example, as I was working on Joseph (that is him there to the right), I almost scrapped him because his shell didn't look like a real turtle shell, and I had set out to make a turtle. Actually I set out to make a frog, but it was soon apparent twas not a frog shape I was making. Once I finished Joseph I absolutely fell in love with him (so did someone else and he found a great home!).

Creative/Whimsical v. Practical. That is the Jekyll and Hyde in me. I'm just not sure which is Jekyll and which is Hyde.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fantasy LBB part II

I was planning on posting more this weekend,but the time just got away from me. I'd better get moving cause once my LBB arrives the fantasy game will be over(since I got my tracking info on Saturday it should be here soon!)

Let's see..where was I? Oh yeah:

C&S Embroidery and Gifts: The custom embroidered pillow cases look great! I also love the Baby Embroidered Burps but since my son is no longer a baby I don't need them :(

Wyrding Studios: Seriously beautiful jewelry. Picking a favorite is extremely one favorite is near impossible. After looking at all the available options, I am absolutely in love with the tarot pendants! Here is just one example - Strength . The artwork, and wire wrapping are both beautiful!

Simply Sentimental: More cute stationery I would hate to give away. My pick from this shop is the Peace on Earth handmade greeting card. My holiday cards are usually the ones that say Peace on the front, and have a pic of a dove, or the earth or something to that effect.

The Soap Seduction: Mmmmmm....soap (done in my best Homer Simpson voice). Before I stared selling on Etsy I had never considered handmade soap. Now, after getting a few samples in the LBB I am a convert! While many scents sound wonderful, I still wish for smellovision (or smelloputer in this case) I really do like to smell the soaps before I commit to a whole bar, which is why I am loving this Go Soap . You can choose 6 different scents, and they are all contained in a little ice cube tray looking container. Great idea!

QueenVanna Creations: So many cute things! I think the perptual calendars are my favorite though. Very pretty designs!

Kunkel Baby: When I was looking through this shop last week this bib was the hands down winner for me: Give Peace a Chance bib. All of the items in the shop are super cute. For me anything with peace, peace symbols, etc is a clear winner!

Unfortunately, I can't get through any more of these today. I really should have started this earlier/worked on it over the weekend.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Who needs fantasy football

When you can play.......Fantasy Little Black Box...though once you pick your "team" the game is over(and with any luck my LBB will have arrived!!).

Since I am such a fan(atic) of the box, and the indie businesses that supply lots of lovely goodies, I wanted to do something. As I was looking in the "who's in the box" page on LBB's website I go to each person's shop and think what I would love to see in the box from their shop. I realize that the samples for the box are not going to be full sized/high ticket items. But a girl can dream. The guys I work with play fantasy why can't I play "Fantasy Little Black Box"!!!

Here are my first picks from "who's in the box" for November (in order they are listed on the LBB website):

Chunky Butt Candle Company: Bath Cream in tangerine lemongrass scent. It looks absolutely heavenly, I'm on a lemongrass kick right now, and love citrus anything!

Zo-Be Designs: I've never been much of a stationery person. I think my family has voted me "most likely to not buy a card for any occasion". However, since I started getting the little black box, I'm loving the handmade cards! Of course, they are all so pretty I don't want to give them away! I love love these ribbon Christmas Cards.

Jelene: EEEEE...Frankenstein candy corn stuffies!!! I (obviously)love candy corn, and was thinking of doing a Frankenstein one myself...these are adorable!

JaC Jewelry: This was a tough one...I want most of the stuff in the shop. I got earrings from JaC Jewelry in a previous box and I LOVE them. I wear them all the time. I pick these beautiful Swarovski crystal earrings for my fantasy LBB.

SBS Teas: sister got me in to brewing teas. Before that the only tea I had was Lipton's tea bags. I love Rooibos tea, and this Chocolate Raspberry Rooibos sounds right up my alley.

Kreations by Kathie: Candles and bath products and tarts oh my! One of my favorite things is my tart warmer. The melt packs would be great! Even with my choice of 10 different scents I would have a hard time with the scent selection available!

That's all for today....more tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

On one hand I am happy and hopeful...............

......on the other hand I am really sad and disappointed, and now really pissed off!!!

The happy and hopeful: I am glad Obama won. The thought of McCain and Palin in the White House scared the crap out of me. I was in tears last night when I heard he won, and continued as I watched the celebrations, and his speech. He is a wonderful speaker and really made me hopeful for the future of the country. Here's hoping he can follow through with his ideas.

On Etsy's message boards members from other countries were thanking us...crying with happy Obama was elected. They seemed to look at the U.S. in a new light, one which had been at least 8 years absent. More hope.

The historical significance of this win really hits home with me. Seeing Jesse Jackson crying his eyes out made me think how amazing this must be to him, and others involved in the civil rights movement, how if you stop and think about it, should be to everyone (I know everyone doesn't think it is so fantastic). In the 1960's the thought of a black president of the United States was beyond absurd...something that wasn't in the realm of possibilities. To see that come to fruition.......I don't have the words. I don't think it is just a "win" for the African-American community, I think it is a win for us all. A testament to the progress toward equality for all. Equality for all...which brings me to:

The sad and disappointed side of me. I have been keeping an eye on something going on in California that I've heard a great deal about. Proposition 8. For anyone who doesn't know it is a propostion up for the vote that would amend California's constitution which would proclaim that marriage is legal only between a man and a woman. Thus banning gay marriages.
Sadly, at this time it appears that Proposition 8 will pass. What that means for the couples who married when California's highest court upheld the legality for gay marriages, I do not know. What made me more sad and disappointed was there were other states voting on similar things. Here is a link:


A summary on the results of the gay rights issues from states other than Cali:

1. Arizona - yes to ban on gay marriages
2. Arkansas - yes to banning gay couples from adopting children
3. Florida - yes to ban on gay marriages

Which brings me to:

The really pissed off!!! As a rule I usually don't talk politics. My father always said "You should never discuss religion or politics. Those type of conversations never end well".

Well, I was really upset to read the above mentioned things, so I said something at my office. One co-worker wasn't pleased to hear those things. The other.....the other made my blood boil! He said in regard to the ban on gay couples adopting in Arkansas, "well if it is two gay guys and they adopted a girl it might be okay. She'd be safe because they wouldn't be attracted to her. If it was boy it could be dangerous for the child because they would be interested in him 'that way'.
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just saw RED RED!!!!! I managed to utter something in a not so nice tone of "Well they (the hypothetical gay couple in question) are not attracted to little boys either!" . After realizing I was less than thrilled with what he said he muttered "oh well...I shouldn't say that......'judge not lest ye be judged thus saith the Lord'"

That level of ignorance astounds me, and makes me so incredibly sad. I can't even write any thing else. There are a million things swirling in my mind, I just need to go out for a walk to clear my head.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

More winter wear goodness!

I'm on a roll. I listed another scarf this morning. My ruffled spiral scarf. Here is the listing with more pictures

Traditional scarves take me FOREVER to knit. So I figured I'd make the ruffley one because I always think "Yahoo!! only 10ish rows of knitting to make this one!". Then....I remember. it is 10 rows of ever increasing ENDLESS knitting. It starts with a semi-reasonable number of stitches being cast on, but soon, very soon, they double. Then the doubled number doubles! Then the doubled squared number doubles!!!! I think I ended up with 800 stitches on a too short circular needle. I only had a 24 inch needle and thought it would be sufficient. Man...I barely survived the last row before the bind off. I can't even tell you how long it takes to knit one 800 stitch row....freaking forever is what it felt like.

However, I really like the finished product. I have another one of these to list. It is a skinnier longer version of this scarf in an apple green cashmere blend yarn.

I'm thinking of making more....maybe in crochet this time to spare myself the uber packed circluar needle problem.