Saturday, November 1, 2008

More winter wear goodness!

I'm on a roll. I listed another scarf this morning. My ruffled spiral scarf. Here is the listing with more pictures

Traditional scarves take me FOREVER to knit. So I figured I'd make the ruffley one because I always think "Yahoo!! only 10ish rows of knitting to make this one!". Then....I remember. it is 10 rows of ever increasing ENDLESS knitting. It starts with a semi-reasonable number of stitches being cast on, but soon, very soon, they double. Then the doubled number doubles! Then the doubled squared number doubles!!!! I think I ended up with 800 stitches on a too short circular needle. I only had a 24 inch needle and thought it would be sufficient. Man...I barely survived the last row before the bind off. I can't even tell you how long it takes to knit one 800 stitch row....freaking forever is what it felt like.

However, I really like the finished product. I have another one of these to list. It is a skinnier longer version of this scarf in an apple green cashmere blend yarn.

I'm thinking of making more....maybe in crochet this time to spare myself the uber packed circluar needle problem.

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