Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jekyll and Hyde

I worked like a mad person knitting and crocheting things for my shops. I listed them and was a bit dismayed to find they don't have many views. It suddenly dawned on me that it is my needle felting that gets the views and sells. I have sold eight items between my Etsy and Shophandmade.com shops. Six of those eight were needle felted items.

Needle felting is my whimsy. Sometimes I start a project with one thing in mind, and it becomes something completely different. There are times when I just pull out some wool and start felting and see where I go. My whimsy sells better than my practical, probably because that is when I am most creative. I guess it shows.

However, many times when I start creating something, the practical tries to overpower the creative side. For example, as I was working on Joseph (that is him there to the right), I almost scrapped him because his shell didn't look like a real turtle shell, and I had set out to make a turtle. Actually I set out to make a frog, but it was soon apparent twas not a frog shape I was making. Once I finished Joseph I absolutely fell in love with him (so did someone else and he found a great home!).

Creative/Whimsical v. Practical. That is the Jekyll and Hyde in me. I'm just not sure which is Jekyll and which is Hyde.

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mrsb said...

I have to say, your felty things are adorable!