Monday, November 17, 2008

Some new things

I've listed a couple new things this week, and have more that just need finishing touches to list. I'm hoping to get that done this week so I can participate in next week's SNS sale. Wait...I can't do next weeks SNS, I'm not going to be home. Ok...well maybe black friday weekend's SNS sale. That's ok...more time to get some things listed.

Per my post last week about doing more needle felted items, I'd like to introduce you to Kola!
Kola is a cute little guy who always has a friendly wave and a big toothy grin for you. I'm not sure where he is from, but I'm relatively sure he is not from this planet. Aside from being hot pink and having curly hair, he seems to bear a slight resemblance to ET. Much like the movie character he resembles, one night he went and drank too much beer. That's how he ended up with a smiley face tattoo on his right butt cheek.

Kola needs someone to look after him, to keep him from making any more rash drunken night tattoo decisions (a well thought out tattoo would be fine), and just an all around good friend!

Kola is needle felted from 100% wool. He measures about 5 inches high and 5 inches wide.

Kola is not recommended for small children as the wool could be a choking hazard (that and his penchant for beer).

Click here for more pictures of Kola (including the butt tattoo!).

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