Monday, November 10, 2008

Fantasy LBB part II

I was planning on posting more this weekend,but the time just got away from me. I'd better get moving cause once my LBB arrives the fantasy game will be over(since I got my tracking info on Saturday it should be here soon!)

Let's see..where was I? Oh yeah:

C&S Embroidery and Gifts: The custom embroidered pillow cases look great! I also love the Baby Embroidered Burps but since my son is no longer a baby I don't need them :(

Wyrding Studios: Seriously beautiful jewelry. Picking a favorite is extremely one favorite is near impossible. After looking at all the available options, I am absolutely in love with the tarot pendants! Here is just one example - Strength . The artwork, and wire wrapping are both beautiful!

Simply Sentimental: More cute stationery I would hate to give away. My pick from this shop is the Peace on Earth handmade greeting card. My holiday cards are usually the ones that say Peace on the front, and have a pic of a dove, or the earth or something to that effect.

The Soap Seduction: Mmmmmm....soap (done in my best Homer Simpson voice). Before I stared selling on Etsy I had never considered handmade soap. Now, after getting a few samples in the LBB I am a convert! While many scents sound wonderful, I still wish for smellovision (or smelloputer in this case) I really do like to smell the soaps before I commit to a whole bar, which is why I am loving this Go Soap . You can choose 6 different scents, and they are all contained in a little ice cube tray looking container. Great idea!

QueenVanna Creations: So many cute things! I think the perptual calendars are my favorite though. Very pretty designs!

Kunkel Baby: When I was looking through this shop last week this bib was the hands down winner for me: Give Peace a Chance bib. All of the items in the shop are super cute. For me anything with peace, peace symbols, etc is a clear winner!

Unfortunately, I can't get through any more of these today. I really should have started this earlier/worked on it over the weekend.

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