Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 9

No pics today, just too busy to take them. Today was another WO day. I think my hair is really going through the transitional period now. Amazingly I seem to be weathering it pretty well, and my hair seems to be weathering it well too. Today was my 3rd day in a row doing a water only wash. I knew there was NO WAY I was wearing my hair down today. I let it air dry then tried the corn starch trick I've heard much about on no 'poo sites. I've used powder on my hair before, but the corn starch is really amazing. I used a make up brush, put it in the corn starch tapping off the excess, made a part in my hair and put the corn starch down the part. I continued making parts in my hair and corn starching. Since my hair is light you couldn't really see it unless it went on too heavy, then I would just work it with my fingers. Really, I'm amazed again. I put my hair up in a pony tail and it looked good. I was going to my parents house, running errands, and going to a party at Chuck E Cheese. At no time did I feel self conscious about my hair. Normally, if I went one day without using shampoo my hair, I was all squicked out about it.

I mentioned to my mother last weekend that I was trying this no 'poo thing. I mentioned to her again today, saying that it had been 9 days since shampoo touched my hair. She looked surprised. I take that as a good sign. I could have said that and she could have said " looks it".

Tomorrow is a Dr. Bronner's and vinegar rinse day...Yay! I admit I am really looking forward to the latheryness of the Dr. Bronners!

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