Friday, September 12, 2008

Front page!

I am so excited! My mini pumpkins were in a treasury that made the front page yesterday! I haven't really been promoting or finishing anything for new listings lately so no sales, but being on the front page was just as exciting as a sale! Ok....enough with the exclamation points.
I've heard so much about not putting all your eggs in one basket, but mine all there there in the Etsy basket. I would love to churn out some items, and list in other venues/craft fairs, but the things I am working on right now are taking some time. I am working on some felted bags, but the knitting portion takes me so much longer than it takes to make a needle felted piece. Plus I plan on lining them, and have no sewing machine so all that hand sewing will be quite laborious. Luckily I am pretty adept at handsewing. The holidays are coming and I'm trying to create some gift items/holiday themed items. Now if I can just stop spinning long enough to work on other things, or spin enough to make something from the yarn I've spun.
Long term thinking is what is needed now. It is too late for me to get into any craft fairs this fall. I've been thinking short term and just trying to do enough to stock my shop on etsy. What I need to do it really push and get out as much as a can, so when craft fairs come up next year I will be ready with stock.


Linda said...
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Linda said...

Congratulations on your pumpkins being on the front page of Etsy!