Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rainy sundays

What to do on a rainy Sunday while Mom is trying to get some housework and laundry done? How bout some living room camping!?!

A few kitchen chairs, blanket and a sheet transform our living room into a tent in the wilderness. What do you pack for a living room camping trip. Well...let's see..AJ ran around the house collecting some huggable companions, musical instruments, a couple of books, various other toys, a flash light, a hat, his sleeping bag, and a heavy jacket in case of cool weather.

I'm a little afraid to see everything that is in there now. For a long while he kept coming out for "one more thing".

Now he wants to go camping for real. Boy will he be surprised when we do. For that camping there will be no brownies cooking away in the oven as he camps, no soft carpet to lay on, no endless supply of toys to just get "one more" of.


Anonymous said...

tents are big out our house too!

Devin said...

Making tents inside are so much better.No bugs etc.Boy will be boys:0)You have a wonderful Blog and etsy shop:0)