Sunday, September 7, 2008


I was on vacation from my full-time job for the last week. The thought was I would be able to do lots of Etsy related work in that time. Well that was a joke. I got way less Etsying done. Less promoting, less sales. I'm ok with it though, it was a true vacation.

I finally bought a little utility shelf to organize all my crafty supplies, started projects, and finished items that are in my shop. Here is a pic of my little crafty corner. My yarn stash has gotten much smaller. I had a big plastic tote of acrylic yarns that I sold at a garage sale. Admittedly, I am somewhat of a yarn snob. I definitely prefer natural fibers, wool, cotton, soy, alpaca. I would really like to try some bamboo, and hemp yarn. I'm not completely opposed to working with acrylic, I just tend to only use it when it is blended with natural fibers. I was planning to start knitting some cold weather gear for my shop, but wanted use more interesting, "rustic" looking yarn (aka..expensive). I started thinking of a cost effective way to acheive the look I'm going for, yet be able to price the items in a reasonable range. Which brings me to my new obsession.................spinning.

Right now it is just drop spindle spinning. The thick and thin texture is just what I was looking for, I also really like knitting with single ply yarns. I call this colorway cinnamon twist. I'm running out of the "cinnamon", hopefully I'll have enough yarn to make something.

Of course now that I have the spinning bug, I really want a wheel....just so happens my folks have this one I am hoping to be able to put into action.

As far as pricing goes, I understand that time spent spinning should be factored into the price. I have a hard time with labor costs. I do factor a little in, but, I honestly enjoy the process of spinning, knitting, felting, etc. It occupies my hands and keeps me out of trouble..LOL. As a result I don't really put much of an hourly wage factor in with my work.

I guess as of today I am back from my Esty vacation. I've updated my blog and several of my other networking sites. Now to get back to creating.

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