Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I feel so official!

I've been dabbling with business card designs and trying to make a uniform look for the graphics on my etsy banner, and my business cards. I kept thinking, "one day I'll buy knitsandnotions.com so I can put that on my cards". That was a pretty silly idea, I'm going to spend all this time and money designing and printing business cards just so I can change them? So.......I got the domain this weekend.

Check it out! www.knitsandnotions.com

Of course I had to get the site up right away, that's just me. But it will be a work in progress. Since I am working on a shoe string budget - believe me shoe strings don't buy much - I am trying to get myself out there as best I can on that shoe string. With the hopes that some day I can build and not be so shoe string.

I've seen many posts from people in the Etsy forums about "need to make money fast, I can't pay my bills" and the like. It gets me thinking......I want to build this into a successful business, but I want to do it smart and not overextend myself to the point that trying to get this business off the ground puts me in financial ruin. Successful in my mind does not mean I expect this to be a full-time job someday, and fully support us. Sure that would be nice, and I will work it as that as the goal. Success to me is making things I enjoy making, selling them to people who enjoy having what I make, and maybe making a little profit. Sure a lot of profit would be nice...again, that is how I will work it, but I can also be realistic about it.

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