Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm a stalker!

I ordered business cards from over the weekend. I checked the status last night and shipping info had been sent to UPS. My normal M.O. when I am waiting for something to arrive that is trackable, is for me to stalk my package. If I know the package is out for delivery I will obsessively check the tracking site to find out where it is...was it delivered? When is it supposed to be delivered? Is it getting closer? Just put a freaking GPS on it soI know my package's EXACT location at any possible moment!

Well, I am getting a little figety here are work because I didn't email myself my tracking info for my business cards so I haven't been able to stalk my order. I can't access my mail here at work. I tried the webmail version, then I remembered the logon was some random numbers that were assigned to me that I have no chance in Hades of remembering. I tried going to to access my order information. I first thought SCORE!! All I need to give them is my e-mail address associated with the order, and they will give me my order number. It doesn't QUITE work that way. When I submit my e-mail address e-mails the order information to the e-mail address associated with my order.....that I can't access here from my office ::::::::sigh::::::::::: The only good thing is they are being delivered to my office not my home, so at least I'm not sitting here hoping they will be there when I get home, only to be disappointed when I get there.

Since I can't stalk my cards I will just have to gaze at a picture of them:

This is a low resolution copy. Please ignore the dotted lines and the little colored boxes in the upper lefthand corner. When I was designing them online, I knowingly didn't put my etsy store URL, but now I am wondering if I did myself a disservice. If you go to my website I do have my etsy mini on there, and if I am including them in a package to a customer, they obviously know I'm on etsy. Perhaps for cards that are purely promotional (left on bulletin boards, handed out) I could do a sticker for the back with a promotional discount and include my etsy address. At least I would know if my cards were generating any business.

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