Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Last night I listed one new items to my shop. In keeping with the quickly approaching Fall season I felted another little pumpkin. This time a 1 1/2 inch tall Jack 'O Lantern.

I have donated one of my items from my shop for a blog contest which is taking place in October. You can find the contest details at: . Mrs. B has a great blog! I especially like the "Where the Hell is Tanner" posts. Drop by and visit her blog. There are lots of other great artists who have donated items as well.

While I've been on a felting tangent lately, since cooler weather is right around the corner i picked up my knitting needles again to make some cool weather gear. Right now a cowl made from an acrylic/alpaca blend yarn is in the works. I will be doing a number of different cowls, and probably some hats.

Also in the works (aka in my brain) are plans for some felted purses. When I think of Fall and Winter accessories I think wool felted bags.

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