Monday, August 18, 2008

New items..

I've listed a few new needle felted items since I last posted. I am getting much better at not impaling my fingers with my felting needles. MAN does that smart.

This weekend marks my first forray into the world of Waldorf inspired dolls. Good for me because I have never been adept at creating faces. I guess I am just intimidated by creating faces. When I've tried to draw them in the past it hasn't worked out.
I'd like to make some larger animals (bunnies, bears, etc), first I really need to get some more roving. I have a pound of white corriedale roving so I'm good with white for while. Perhaps a white bunny is in order.

Silver Sun Alpacas was nice enough to send me some samples of their roving. OMG..absolutely heavenly. I've used it as the hair for my two Waldorf dolls. So soft and lovely!! Definitely check them out!!

My second attempt at knittng and felting a dresser "tray" didn't go so well either. It is a shallow bowl shape as I intended, but it came out floppier than I would have liked. I thought the bulky yarn would felt up sturdy enough, but I guess I need to try it double stranded.

You can find these items and more at Knits and Notions

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I love the little girls that are pretty!