Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wow..two blogs in one day!

As I said I was going to start my photobox tonight. Luckily I moved recently. Ok...it was May....not so recent. Anyway, I happened to have a good sized cardboard box from the move that I could use to make the photo box. As you can see all the cutting is done. I decided not to cut the bottom out completely. The instructions (from the link in my last post) indicated it would be a good idea to cut the bottom out so you could put the box over something (i.e. a flower or something else not moveable). I don't need that flexibility, I will only be putting things in it. Plus having the bottom in makes it a bit sturdier I would imagine.

Since I have no tape other than scotch tape here, the sides will have to wait until I get to the store for some Duck Tape!! That'll fix anything! The original instructions call for tissue paper as the light filter, but I have seen other DIY photo boxes that called for wax paper on the sides. I'm planning on using the wax paper, or parchment paper. Tissue paper sounds too delicate to me.

Front view:

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