Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New today

I listed some new stitch markers today. Cute Milifiore glass bead markers. As I make them I just want to keep them for myself!
I've been doing TONS of promoting (during my work hours...bad bad), and I'm feeling a little torn between creating and promoting. If I don't promote, the chances of selling decreases. If I don't create, I won't have any new itmes to list to keep people interested. I'm also looking for THAT item. That hook. Something different, creative, unusual...MUST HAVE.
One thing I must do is remain balanced. I can't let the etsy business...or pursuit of the etsy business to take over my life. Once I don't enjoy creating things....there is no business. That sort of happened to me last night. I was knitting some face scrubbies and kept frogging them because I just wasn't into it. So I started felting a little funky turtle, all the while my mind consumed with..can I sell this? Must be careful not to lose the joy of creating. I must say I REALLY loved making the glass bead stitch markers.

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