Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Something different

Nothing new to list on Etsy today. I want to start on some needle felted tapestries. Since I haven't "painted" with wool before I decided to start small to see what I could do, and I started a wool felted ACEO. It's not so bad, just a bit of a learning curve, and perhaps smaller is not less intimidating than a large piece. It may be moreso. Of course I am a perfectionist so I keep working with it ad-nauseum to get it just right. Though, what artist doesn't pour everything they have into a piece? I got to a point last night where I was almost done with it, but I had to put it down and clear my head. I should finish it tonight.

Funny....when I joined Etsy, I did it to (hopefully), make some extra money by churning out things I thought people would want to buy. It has turned in to much more than that now. Yes I create things to list them and hopefully sell, but it has become much more than that. This has become my creative outlet. Whereas, initially I considered myself a seller, I am now starting to look at myself as an artist. I'm still not entirely comfortable with that description, but I'm getting there.

In looking at all the amazing listings on Etsy, I've come to realize my pictures need a lot of work. The photos many people have are just stunning, and really showcase their work wonderfully. I found this great DIY photo box project, and I'm planning on working on it tonight and re-doing my photos. Here is a link to the instructions for making your own photobox:



Jane Grafton said...

Enjoyed this post. One of the greatest traits to have in life is to keep learning. I love your spirit that you keep going to reach a new level in your work. You definitely have attained to the level of "artist!"

Jane Grafton said...

Loved your post. One of the greatest traits in life is to continue learning. You'll always stay young as you keep growing mentally! I love you spirit. You definitely have attained the title, "artist!"