Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sale #2!!

Another sale of a needle felted item! Yes, Joseph has found a home!! He will be moving up to Canada, and his trip will start today. More and more I'm thinking the needle felting is what I need to concentrate on. Of course last night I was a slacker and didn't make anything. So now I am feeling antsy because I have nothing new to list today.

I have what I think is a tremendous idea for a project, which started when an item I was making that went awry. I was trying to make a knitted and felted tray..well..... upon completion it's a knitted and felted flat square. As I was looking at it and the way it was knitted, I thought it kind of looked like a frame around the edge. Doing a felted painting is something I have been wanting to try. My thought was perhaps my already felted piece can work as the canvas. The ideas starting firing in my brain..colors...what would be painting be? As I walked in my bedroom I looked at the wall and saw a print I have hanging up....Van Gogh's Starry Night. "canvas" is navy blue. The colors in that painting would be perfect for my canvas. I need to get some more roving, and I'm going to attempt a needle felted version of Starry Night. If I can pull it off I think it will be amazing.

Tonight my son and I are going to the local 4-H fair. I LOVE going and seeing all the animals (even when I didn't have a kid I used to go). I am especially excited to see and pet the Alpacas. They have the cutest little faces!! Perhaps I should sneak in some shears and get me some Alpaca roving! After that I need to get to work on items to list.

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FairiesNest said...

Good luck on the "Starry Night" one of my favorite Van Gogh's. It's amazing how accidents can turn into something wonderful when it comes to art!