Friday, October 10, 2008

Handmade for charity

I got this message about a benefit dinner for a friend of a friend:

"Hi everyone.On December 7, 2008 my family along with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) will be hosting a Pasta Night in my mother's name.My mother battled diabetes for 28 years and passed away from it on Sept 15, 2008.100% of the proceeds will go to ADA.We are looking for donations to this event. Any donation, be it monetary, food, or gifts and gift certificates for raffles will be appreciated.All who donate will be listed with their kind donation in our program."

I immediately e-mailed the friend who sent this to me, and told her I would like to put together a basket for the raffle. This idea is still in the planning stage. I am waiting to hear back about a due date for the items. Obviously, if they need something in the next couple of weeks I don't think it is feasible, if I have a month or so I could swing it.

The basket will be a bath and body/pamper yourself theme. My plan is to knit up some cotton wash cloths and smaller face scrubbies. I also want to include some other handmade B&B items from other etsians. Some of the handmade things I would like to include in the basket are:

Wooden soap "dish"
Bath Salts
Bath bomb
Lip balm
Sprays (I've seen some aromatherapy body sprays on etsy)
Oh..and some candy!

I was thinking that I would get a sampling of these items from a number of different etsians. That way the basket would be filled with a variety of offerings from etsians, rather than a slew of items from one or two shops. I was going to request additional business card be sent with the products so I could put them with each product, and keep one for myself (I like to keep the cards of people I have dealt with so I can remember who I have "done business" with and will frequent their shops again). Making this basket seems like a win-win situation, first and foremost it is for a good cause. Second, if even on a smaller scale it gets the name of Etsians out there to people who might otherwise never have heard of us.

Not sure how to write this section, since I'm not good at asking for help. I am planning on buying the items myself. However, I am far from independently wealthy and was hoping some people might be willing to donate a small item or two. I figure the more attractive and full I can make the basket, the more money it will garner in the raffle.

As I indicated before, none of this is a go yet since I don't know when they would need the basket. I'm just putting the feelers out there for anyone willing to help out. So if you would like to donate something please email me at: . I can't check that mail from my office so if you need a quick response please convo me at .

If you have any questions or would like verification of the event , I have info on the location so you could check on it if you would like.

Thanks so much for your help!

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