Monday, October 20, 2008

Vlad's happy home

As I posted in the past, one of my little friends , Vlad, was part of a Halloween blog giveaway. He was featured on October 7th , and shipped off to the lucky winner on October 8th.

Today, after looking at the latest giveaway items I saw that Vlad's new companion, Vixen, had posted a blog about Vlad's adventures with her. You can find her post about Vlad at Vixen's Den. I'm so happy he found a home with someone who loves him! Also, be sure to check out Vixen's etsy shop . She makes really cute aprons!

I really didn't feel like blogging today. But I couldn't resist when I read Vlad's adventures. I was going to be blog lazy because I've caught a cold and I'm feeling kind of blah. I've been taking Cold-EEze, and I think I feel a little better today than yesterday. Definitely a bit less rundown than I did anyway. When I was at the store yesterday I also bought a ton of OJ, and oranges to help things along.

I'm trying to knock this thing out so I can go visit my mom again at the hospital/rehab facility. Uh....not REHAB rehab....physical rehab. She had hip replacement surgery on Friday. I saw her on Saturday (I felt fine and had no idea this cold was going to hit) . She was just not herself. Which I suppose is to be expected. She was very grumpy (for her), she said everything she ate tasted horrible (expect bananas), and she looked kind of pale. I think she is also worried about the fact that she can't flex her foot on the leg she had the hip replacement done. The doctor kind of indicated to her that she should be able to do that. My sister told me that Mom's blood pressure went very low Saturday evening, and they gave her a pint of blood. As of last night the report was she looks better, and her blood pressure is back up in the normal range. However, she still has no appetite and nothing tastes good. They finally got her out of bed at about 2:30 Saturday afternoon. Her doctor was pitching a fit Saturday morning that she was still in bed. He told the nurses she should have been out of bed on Friday afternoon! I'm going to give her a call in a little bit to find out how she is feeling today.

Oh...and on Saturday I also had my first Chuck E Cheese experience. I'd been fighting it for a long time. AJ keeps asking me to go and I always say "someday". Well...since he has his reward chart at school he gets to pick a special activity for the week if he meets his goal. His choice last week was the movies, if one was playing the he wanted to see. His back-up choice (in case of no movies to see) was Chuck E Cheese. I prayed hard that a kid's movie would be out that he wanted to see. No such luck! It wasn't as bad as I thought. Mostly because the one we went to doesn't have a huge climbing apparatus, and no ball pit! Ball pits gross me out. We got $10 worth of tokens (40), and played lots of games. I didn't think we were ever going to get through those 40 tokens! For the 149 tickets we got from playing the games he got: two bath fizzies, a rubbery blue ant, an orange plastic spider, and a plastic top. $10 worth of tokens for 25 cents worth of crap! He was really happy with what he got though. When I told my sister I thought I'd never get rid of all the tokens she said "well you could have saved them for next time". To which I said "well that means I'd have to go back!". I'm sure I will have to go again eventually, I just didn't want to have the tokens there burning a hole in AJ's pocket!

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mrsb said...

LOL! I'm glad my Chuck E. Cheese days are over! Good on A.J. for making his goal for the week!

I hope your mom is back up and healthy soon.