Wednesday, October 8, 2008


That's what I feel like I have been when it comes to my Etsy. I'm still caught in my funk of not being able to complete anything. Well......that isn't exactly accurate. I have finished a neck warmer from my own handspun yarn, and two "curlie Q" skarves, the felted bag I have been working is almost done and just needs some handles (and needs to be felted), I also started a needle felted pin last night. So far it is just a white circle, I'm trying to figure out what to put on it. I was going to take pics of my scarves/neckwarmer this past weekend, but my model ran out on me! Ok..the less dramatic answer is my niece had to go home and do homework.

The days pass, and the holidays are getting closer and closer, but I'm not getting more and more stock in the store. I can't wait until Mercury is no longer in retrograde. I swear I have been majorly feeling the effects of it. October 15th can't get here soon enough.

I'm hoping that is all it is, though I'm sure my slump also has to do with stress from my son's issues at school. He has long had "classic" ADD signs. Based on the fact that his dad had ADD (as a child and an adult), I'm pretty much 100% sure AJ has it too. I haven't taken him to the doctor to get a definitive answer yet, because I don't want medication to be in the realm of consideration at this point. I'm working on changing over our diets to more natural/organic, cutting out articial colors as much as possible, cutting down on sugar, etc. I also found an herbal supplement geared to kids (and adults) that is supposed to help with ADD symptoms. We are also working with reward charts at home and school.

My son's main issues are impulse control, or lack thereof, and a little hyperactivity. The lack of impulse control is worse than the hyperness. My concern at this point has to do with social issues - other kids tend to "step back " from him and not make close friendships with him. I'm hoping the diet change, supplements and behavior mod. at home and school help.

As much as I don't want to put him on medication, if the above actions do not alleviate his symptoms I will consider medication as a last resort. If it is a difference between being unmedicated and seriously struggling(and possibly failing) socially and academically, or on medication and making friends, being someone the other kids want to be around, and doing well academically, I think I might have to give medication a shot, which would be a REALLY hard decision for me. I'm trying not to have to cross that bridge, and trying to keep positive thoughts that we won't have to cross that bridge.

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mrsb said...

How old is your son?

My hubby had/has ADHD (the nuns at Catholic school would tie him to his chair with his sweater!) and all my kids have it to varying degrees.

My daughter is actually really bad, but being a girl and being in the "smart kid" class, it's NEVER come up as an issue for her.

My older son isn't so badly affected, and he was also in the "smart kid" class. His teachers suggested medication, but we didn't comply. He was fine.

My middle son also has mild autism. The school almost demanded that we medicate him before he started early intervention at 3. Three and they wanted him on medication! No.
When he was 5 and still couldn't speak, we did put him on a low dose, just so he could sit still long enough for speech therapy. He was actually talking in no time and was able to learn at a much faster pace. It was amazing, and one of the hardest things I've ever done. We took him off after a year and a half and he's done really well since then.

If your son does get a medical diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, he is legally eligible for a 504 Plan or possibly an IEP (depending on the severity), from which he can get modifications at school to help him learn and to help with his socialization. Try that before you go the medication route.

My kids are now 16, 11 and 9. None of them are on medication currently. I think meds can be a huge help, but should be a last resort.

Oh, and the red food dye was KILLER for my son! We still don't let him eat it! Helps a LOT.

Good luck (and sorry for the looong post!)