Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When when when?!?!?!

Will my little black box arrive? I was spoiled the first time I got one last month. I ordered it on a Friday, and I had it by Monday. Don't get me wrong..I'm not complaining it isn't here yet. I'm sure Kim is innundated with orders. Last month I was completely AMAZED I got it so soon after ordering. I'm like a kid at Christmas..I can't wait for it to get here!!!!

I've been trying to come up with ideas of samples to send in for the little black box. I want to have a good number of them done before I contact Kim about getting in one of the boxes. I really wanted a variety of samples to reflect the different things I do. My shop says "specializing in needle felted, knitted, and crocheted items". Thus, I wanted to send samples of each of those things. There would be one sample per LBB, you may get a crochet item, a needle felted item, or a knitted item.

Crocheted face scrubbies were an obvious choice. I'm working on some to list in my shop, so instead of making five (the number I put in a set of scrubbies), I'm making six and keeping the extra ones for the LBB.

At first I was struggling with what needle felted items to send. obviously it would have to be something small, cute, and useful. At this point I am thinking of some type of pin or hair accessory (clips, ponytail holders, etc).

Now I am stuck on knitted items. Again, it has to be something small, cute, and useful. I am not a super fast knitter, and am in awe of people who can churn out scarves. Hmm...I need to give this some thought. Whatever I send as a sample, I need to make to put in my shop as well.

Any ideas for a small useful knitted item??


The Little Black Box said...

It's coming! Promise! I had so many orders on Friday I couldn't do labels fast enough for a Saturday pick up. They left Monday and will most likely arrive today. :)

Knits and Notions said...

I know it's on it's way...I'm stalking the USPS tracking site! LOL

SillyLittleLady said...

My shop is all knits, but for the LBB I was thinking about sending in crocheted flower hairpins.

When I decided to buy a LBB for the first time I was so excited to open it and see all the super cute wonderful things inside! I totally understand where you are coming from!