Thursday, October 30, 2008


Finally!!! For most of October I was in an unproductive mode so nothing was getting listed in my I'm spending so much time making things I'm not listing anything in my shop.

Oh...I got my first custom request! Someone saw Vlad on Vixen's blog and wanted a vampire candy corn dude too! Yay! Thanks to Mrs. B for running the Halloween giveaway and to Vixen for blogging about her adventures with Vlad.

I just love waiting for packages to come in the mail! My little black box should be delivered any second now. I think my head may explode from the built up ancipation! Also, I ordered some trial size creamy lemongrass facial soap with tea tree and rosemary oil from Yapps Cottage Decor. I am going to add them as freebies with the purchase a set of face scrubbies. Though, I think I am stealing one of the trial size bars for myself!

There I go with the rampant exclamation point usage again.

I'm home at the moment with a "sick" kid. I use the " " because while medically he is sick (ear infection in both ears and pink eye), he is not feeling sick at all. He is just as chipper and active as any other day. Thankfully, the pink eyes were evident last night. I'm so glad we found out today he was sick and not tomorrow. Since he hasn't had a fever(and hopefully won't get one :::knock on wood:::::), and I can get two doses of antibiotics and eye drops in him today, he is free to go to school tomorrow and do all the cool Halloween stuff! Oh man...missing Halloween would have been such a disappointment for him.

I brought work home with me so I could get something accomplished off I go!


mrsb said...

Awesome! I'm so thrilled to hear that you got a custom order for another Vlad! He is a cute little sucker!

Your poor buddy with ear infections and pink eye! Kids are tough, aren't they? I'd be laying in bed begging for soup, lol.

Vixen/Apron Frenzy said...

I am glad Vlad's adventures so inspired someone (she told me she was ordering one). Maybe our Vlad's will get together one day and meet?

Hope the antibiotics work so he doesn't miss any Halloween stuff. That would stink